Tips to Choose the Right Engagement Ring

An engagement is an ideal bond that two people share. It is no less than a blessing when two people plan to tie a knot and spend their whole life with each other sharing a bond of love, intimacy, respect and care. People share a bond of friendship when they realise that they can’t live without each other and they have to take a step ahead.  

It is a blessing when the partner plans a surprise and propose her when they are out on a romantic beach dinner. Suddenly, he goes on a knee and proposes an engagement. It is the best surprise ever that a guy gives to her girl when they are sincere to each other and want to marry. It is every girl’s wish and dream. This is a complete moment as the time and the place is both ideals for a loving couple. 

Planning a surprise is not that difficult. The most complicated and tricky decision to be taken is the selection of a custom wedding rings in Melbourne. We have to do a little bit of research before buying an engagement ring. Investing a little bit of time on the investigation is better than regretting later. Let’s have a look at the few tips for buying unique engagement ring in Melbourne. 

  • Stylish: 

The design and the cut of a ring should be stylish. There is an ample of variety available of the rings in a market. We have to choose a unique design like our partner. We don’t want an ordinary design we want something that looks creative, stylish and classy. 

  • Affordable: 

Unique engagement rings based in Melbourne should be affordable. Presenting a ring is not enough as we have to arrange a whole wedding later on. So, we have to check our pocket and then decide which ring to buy. If we choose a ring at first place and then decide on a budget would make a mess. It is a preferable option to keep in mind that we have a specific budget and we have to maintain our financial restriction. 

  • Material for Ring: 

The material of a band also plays a vital role in the appearance of a ring. We have to choose the material wisely. We can have a diamond ring in white gold, gold or platinum. Commonly, people prefer to have it in platinum and white gold. Diamonds look ideal with silver colour material. It looks so glamorous when infused with the silver colour. Its beauty multiplies.  

  • The Setting of Diamonds: 

The setting of a diamond is equally important. It is necessary to avoid the issue of slipping a diamond from a ring. It happens that when a ring got stuck in clothes, the diamond slips out and there are chances of misplacing an expensive. We have to make sure that it is strongly attached to the hooks and there are sufficient locks that support the diamond. 

  • Selection of Stone: 

We have to select the stone according to our choices and preferences. It is solely our own choice that we want all the stones to be diamond or, we want to add some other stones which compliment diamond. We also have an option that we can use half diamonds and a half other stones to give it a unique design. 

  • Choose the Correct Size of Diamond: 

We have to choose the correct size of a diamond. For example, we have chosen a circular design of a diamond. We have to make sure that the rest of the diamonds are smaller in size. If we have all the diamonds big, a ring will no longer be a ring.  

  • Know the Choice of Partner: 

We have to buy a ring for a partner, we must know her choices and selection. We have an idea of her liking. It will be easy for us to select a ring which suits her hand. If we have bought something small and she like huge stones then it will not leave a good impact. We have to keep her choices in mind while selection. 

  • Know the Size of the Finger: 

We have an idea about the size of a ring. A wrong sized ring can spoil the whole mood and the surprise. 

  • Getting the Diamond Grading Certificate: 

We should push the seller to provide us with an authentic stone certificate. We have bought a pure diamond