We have to accept the harsh and unpredictable weather conditions of Australian weather. It is harsh, rough, and such kind of situation gives a tough time to the outdoor furniture. It is hard to carry and protect outdoor furniture all the time. With a safer option of covering the furniture is the only safer and considerate option. But, where from to find those outdoor tables and bed covers that will fit into the size and durable.  

Here is a piece of good news for you that you don’t need to gamble anymore. The cover company in Sydney is on your service that measures your furniture, or you let them know the exact measurements. This company gives a warranty. The properly and recently started Australian owned business is your one-stop-shop. 

Why Us? 

The cover company established at the beginning of 2019, with a Sydney region retailer beholding 15+ years of manufacturing expertise of outdoor covers and furniture that most of the Australian stores hadn’t offer. We offer a huge collection of it.  

Before putting the items to be sold on e-commerce, they were tested for the harsh weather conditions of Australia. These are designed in a way to withstand the rough and tough weather here. We are proud to offer a huge array of fitting covers for your furniture in Australia.  

We offer warner, these covers do not split or crack under any Aussie sun. We offer redelivery, that assures the fastest delivery without further delayed dates in connection to important covers. We get you covered in offering waterproof and fading outdoor bed and table covers. these covers look perfect with the right size and fit plus to stand and look best following the harsh conditions. 

The Covers 

All the outdoor beds and outdoor table covers keep simple and basic. Mostly the black and grey colour is offered. We never lure the customers over cost to get the maximum priced items to sell. We design premium outdoor covers for beds and tables. The covers with a solution of dyed polyester having a waterproof out cover. The stylish exterior fabric never cracks in the harsh sun. These are stitched covers to ensure longevity, durability, and affordability. 

Premium Designs of Outdoor Bed Covers 

The detail is provided on the website, where you can have a look at the outdoor daybed covers in Australia. These are waterproof and can withstand UV Rays. There are four Tie-down points to save the cover. This cover will be 160cm round to cover your furniture perfectly. These covers cover the bed and cushions. These easy to fit, chic styling, easy maintenance, and stronger covers are available to become your choice. 

Outdoor Table Covers 

Likewise, the outdoor table covers round are made up of waterproof polyester and these are UV resistance too. These come in elastic four corner fitting to cover the table freely and in a fit manner. The measurement is 200cm long to 100cm in width. These covers are designed to cover your outdoor table’s top. You can tuck the chairs under the table with the covers on. These covers are chic, easy fit, and stronger than all the available hardcovers in other stores. These covers are not like the local available in the market. These are designed by the special fabric that is suitable for the respective purpose. 


We offer all the assistance to our clients. The best quality is never compromised by overpricing debates. Trust us today to experience a better tomorrow. The cover company will get you covered here. You just have to phew the worries of stressing over the maintenance of your outdoor furniture. We undertake it. The absurdity of chic covers, that are not only best fit but durable too. There is no need to goggle the options anymore. When you drop in by The Cover’s Store then have a look and click the button to place order an enjoy the perks. 


We brag to offer the widest range of covers for your outdoor furniture. All the covers are stocked in the Sydney warehouse where they are immediately dispatched. Two types of express and free delivery within a fortnight of ordering. Your delivery is just one click away from your order