Stay safe from the scorching heat!

Sunny and rainy weather are irritating weather. As global warming is increasing the temperature of the globe is also increasing day today. Many tactics are adopted by humans to cope with this weather but not every tactic is workable. Moreover, in the modern world, where scientific gadgets are commonly used by human in the same way many objects have been invented to reduce the effect of sunlight. 

Objects that reduces the effect of sunlight: 

Blinds and shades: 

If you are living in a mountain region or any other hilly area, to get a better look outside and avoid sunlight, blinds and shades are best. Most importantly, blinds and shades are made up of the material object. It gives a wide and beautiful look of outside with avoiding sunlight. 


Shutters are good for getting a sufficient amount of light. Most of the time people need light but they feel irritation from noise, sunlight. Shutter also helps a person from cold and hot weather. Most of the time shutter is used to get light and avoid any other unwanted things. 

Curtains and drapes: 

To give home elegant look curtains are most important. Most of the time, a simple beautiful curtain can change the look of a home. Curtains in Penrith and drapes are also a source of light as well as gives an elegant look to a home. 

Reasons to choose blinds and shades: 

  • Changing windows rapidly is tough. It also wastes the time.  In this scenario, blinds and shades are good to reduce the expenses of windows. 
  • It gives the light and cuts off the sunlight. Blinds cut off the sunlight and in day time it gives the light. 
  • As blinds give light so it cuts off the expenses of electricity bill. 
  • Blinds and shades are found in different colours and designs, to give elegant look to room good quality blinds are a perfect choice. 
  • Installation of the new window is a waste of trees. To be eco-friendly and choose blinds and shades. 
  • Last but not least, quality and perfect fit blinds change economic status and also give an elegant look. 

Awnings are perfect for every home: 

Overbearing and scorching sunlight is an irritating problem. External elements remain outside of the home due to awning. In extreme weather awning is perfect. It reduces the Air condition bill of any home by giving fresh air and reduces sunlight affects. Awnings are also eco friendly. It reduces the cost of the electricity bill. On the other hand, global warming is also reduced due to less use of energy. Water damage is also decreased due to the use of good quality and perfect fitting of awnings based in Blue Mountains

Effectiveness of Venetians: 

Shutters and Venetians are good to maintain the privacy of any room or home. Shutters and Venetians are cheap and remain long-lasting. Moreover, shutters and Venetians enhance the beauty of home, office, or any other restaurants and hospitals. Shutters and Venetians are also used to decorate the home. It is a cheap and good way to make the home elegant.  Shutters also reduce the noise and help in maintaining consistency in work. For peaceful life and maintaining, privacy shutters and Venetians are perfect choices.  

Role of curtains and drapes in home: 

Curtains and drapes are prefects to reduce dust. In a home where doors and windows are necessary for light and air, on other hand curtains are necessary to reduce the dust entering at home. Curtains are also necessary to give a home elegant look. Hanging curtains is not a new fashion. For centuries people are using curtains for giving an elegant look as well as block dust. 

Core reasons for using awning, shutters, and Venetians: 

Awning and blinds are natural sources to receive natural light and prevent sunlight. In harsh weather i.e. hot, cold, storm, and rain it is tough to prevent harshness of weather, but Venetians help in reducing this. To maintain privacy all these objects are good. Many times, people feel uncomfortable in shutting down windows and doors in hot weather. Awnings, blinds, and Venetians also reduce the electricity bill. Energy producing companies contribute millions of carbon dioxide particles in the air. By using the aforementioned objects energy consumption reduces. Moreover, global warming is also increasing due to energy production.   

What should we do? 

Every human being must reduce global warming. All those elements that contribute to global change should be prohibited. Massive consumption of energy should reduce and natural resources like curtains, awning, blinds, shutters, and Venetians should use. 

Hire the best designers for your building

Over the course of time, the type of buildings and homes that are being constructed have changed due to the different types of changes in technology as well as other reasons. Whereas a few decades ago, it was possible to roughly construct up a plan of a building which the contractor would build according to his interpretation of the plans, now it is not possible as there are a lot of considerations as well as codes that need to be met. Issues such as global warming and energy efficiency have worked their way into everyday lives and have to be put into the design of any building or home so that people are not overwhelmed with energy bills. Although technology has made things much easier for everybody, it has also made the world of design more complex as in order to incorporate it into the building, a lot of planning has to go into it along with the need for drafting services so that everything is accurately placed before being constructed. The population is always on the rise globally and in order to accommodate the needs of all those people, buildings need to be sustainable and durable so that they last for a longer period of time and are able to withstand the lives of those people. Certain aspects such as the daylight and winds and even the roof of the building can greatly impact the performance of the building if utilized correctly. Nowadays, there is also software available that can be used in drafting services and allows the designer to assess the performance of the building beforehand which allows them to construct the building in the best possible manner and also within your budget. For all these reasons and more, it is imperative to hire a building designer to make sure that your building is designed to perfection. Even when you think about constructing your dream home, it is important to take on a professional so that you are able to actually materialize what you have been visualizing.  

The importance of drafting today 

Drafting professionals use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to transform the ideas of the architect into detailed diagrams which include representation of the building as well as other structures within it. Building design companies such as Metro building designers in Melbourne have excellent drafting professionals onboard with them at all timed that will help to identify the materials that are needed as well as the sizes. They will also input their drawings into computerized manufacturing systems as they have extensive constructional knowledge. Drafting services are essential in conveying the merits of the design to the customer as they will be able to see even the small designs and then be satisfied with them. The use of computers helps in increasing accuracy and saving time as the architects do not have to draw up too much paperwork and the results can easily be shared online as well. Metro building designers have dedicated professions that will work extensively to make sure that your draft is delivered on time. 

Advantages of building designers 

Building designers are experts in building trade and they have the license as well as the skills to handle projects ranging from residential houses to multi-unit development. They will consult with clients to finalize the plans and size and will also give their input on how to improve the look of the building and how to stay within the budget. They can even provide you with multiple plans to choose from and will take care of all the council approvals so that you can be stress free knowing that everything is being handled. Having a building designer on board ensures that any problems that occurs are taken care of professionally instead of your contractors wasting time trying to find a solution that they have no knowledge of. They will help you get in touch with reliable contractors and conveyors so that you can get good quality work as well. These are professionals that have been doing work for many years and know how to avoid any design errors while complying with city codes. You will be able to get creative solution to your problems while being tension free knowing that the design of your building is in really good hands. 



It has been almost over a decade that Doctor Damp Ventilation has been in service for providing professional cleaning and disinfecting service to residential and commercial clients. Our system starts with diagnosing, treating and then eliminating the sanitizing problems of your house and promote good health for your family and for your employees at your workplace. We have an experienced staff that deals with all the moulding problems that you may have in your dry walls and in your internal house ventilations. We have the confidence of thousands of customers with us who know that Doctor Damp Ventilation will be there for them when they need commercial disinfectant cleaning services


To your surprise, in the battle between you and the germs culturing on your counter tops, you always lose! This is because they have the ability to be everywhere at once and mark their territory. Therefore, if you want to be on the same level when it comes to hand to hand combat of the problems, you need to be on the close front, and rush in case you need to have a better chance of winning against these germs in your cleaning and sanitising of the house. In order to keep your house squeaking clean and germ free, follow the following steps: 


Now that you have heard this billions of times, you should always keep in mind that hands the most ideal medium of germs transmission and when a germ of virus attacks your body, the first get attached to your hands waiting to be transmitted to other human beings. Always make it a habit that whenever you go out for example when you go out to get groceries for your house, make sure when you return home, you wash your hand thoroughly and ensure that the germs are washed off. Since you can not see the germs with your naked eyes, make a habit of washing your hands for at least 20 minutes in the recommended manner that helps in targeting all the sensitive parts of the hand where there is more probability for the germs to settle in and make home such that they can later infect someone else. Also, do not rub your mouth, nose or eyes with unwashed hands as there are some of the most sensitive and wet places of the body and these are the basic openings of the body. They make the germs easier to get into the human system. 


First, you need to understand the cleaning & sanitising are two different things and they can, and they sometimes cannot occur simultaneously. Cleaning means that you need to remove the visible dust of dirt from the surfaces that you have in your house or your workplace. This can be done easily by using a damp piece of cloth or any other kind of fabric that you can use to wipe the surfaces. Sanitizing however is means to use disinfectants of medicated liquids to kill the germs that you cannot see with your naked eyes. This is a tough job and requires high precision. If is known that virus and germs stay on the surfaces of the cardboards and plastics for almost 24 hours and therefore for your house to be disinfected you need to make a habit of using sanitizing liquids at least once a day so that any kind of germ of disinfectant laying on the surface are killed and they are not active enough to cause you or your family any kind of hard. This makes the disinfecting and sanitising job a tricky one. This is where we at Doctor Damp Ventilation come in to show our expertise of work and make sure that most of the germs that are present in your home are killed as they are the carriers of the diseases. 

Contact Doctor Damp Ventilation today to get the best home and commercial cleaning service in Australia at highly competitive rates of the market.